About the Author

Where it all began

The story of this Paris guide book is also the story of the author Ross Turnbull and how, throughout his life, his determination to push on never faltered.

Ross' life was rich and full of wonderful achievements, ups and downs and full of people who loved him and were loved by him.

It was Ross' uncanny ability to fit in to conversations with workers taking lunch in a run down backstreet cafe, play the tourist in restaurants in Saint Germain and mix comfortably with CEO's of global corporations in the First that provide the genesis for this book.

Amongst his many passions, his love of Paris ran deep. Working from a basic set of notes, in collaboration with his friend Brent they decided it was possible to finese these notes and turn them into a complete manuscript worthy of publication. 

Although Ross was suffering ill health, they set about meticulously documenting these walks with determination and energy.

Ross' anecdotes are scattered throughout the book providing both an insight into Paris but also to Ross' attitude to life - never take a backward step under any circumstance.  

The result is a book of self guided walks around Paris.