About our book

The inspiration for this project comes from the original work done by Ross Turnbull. Ross was a dedicated Paris lover, having visited the city many, many times. He spent countless days wandering the tiny streets and gardens of central Paris, collecting anecdotes, historical facts, discovering wonderful hidden cafes, restaurants, patisseries, boulangeries, silk shops, chocolate shops and sumptuous hotels.

His knowledge of Paris was second to none, and he wanted to share his insights with other lovers of Paris. Unfortunately he never realised his dream, but many people felt it was too good to let fade away, so our team has decided to carry on the work and take the project to completion. Everyone involved has a great love for Ross so all the work is being done on a volunteer basis with the greater goal of publishing the book, gaining some recognition for Ross' great passion and love of Paris and sharing his vision.

The book is beautifully photographed and has detailed instructions and maps to direct you around Paris.