Featured on rugby.com.au

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rugby.com.au features Ross’ story One of Australia’a most popular & respected rugby websites www.rugby.com.au featured Ross’ story and dream of publishing the five walks of Paris.  The story outlines Ross’ passion for family, footy and France.  Read the story here. The image shows Ross and teammate Mike Jenkinson in his rugby playing days heading off … Read More

Lost in Paris

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Have you ever got lost in Paris? One day, with two other friends, I did – and we had the most fun in a long time.   We were attempting to walk up the Bassin de l’Arsenal (canal) to the Bastille and were having some difficulty finding our way. Eventually we found what we thought was the correct … Read More

Paris – a Church by any other name

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I have a real soft spot for religious buildings – when in Paris I seek out these marvels for their rich spiritual, cultural and architectural heritage.  I sit inside the breathtaking buildings to gaze in silence at the stories in the exquisite stained glass windows, or at the rapturous art and sculptures adorning their walls … Read More

Paris in search of The Delicious

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Forget about driving to a supermarket when shopping for fresh food in Paris – there are none. Open air markets usually visit an area in Paris two-three times a week, and it is just a matter of walking down the road and buying fresh produce transported into Paris early that morning.  Staying in the 5th … Read More

Paris and the Beautiful Era

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Paris has many faces – medieval, renaissance, Napoleonic, and my favourite La Belle Epoque – a “golden age” between the two wars – from the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 to the beginning of World War I – and the time of the Third Republic when peacetime France flourished and all the arts thrived.  This … Read More