I love to go to the movies while I am travelling.  And Paris is no exception.  All you need is to find a good guide (like Pariscope or Time Out, sold at the newstand kiosks) which tells you which sessions are VO or Version Originale – this means that the original version of the movie (eg. the original film language) may be English if an English or American film, and will have French subtitles.

That way you can get the best of both worlds – practice reading your French but have the backup of spoken English. 


Don’t get mixed up with VF which means the movie has been dubbed in French.  We saw two movies where we thought they were VO, and turned out to be VF (our mistake) – 2 Days in Paris (hilarious even in French), and Bill Murray’s Broken Flowers which was easy to follow in French because he plays an extremely withdrawn character who never speaks.

 The rest of deciphering the movie guides is up to you (and a French-English dictionary).  With over 300 movie theatres in Paris, there is so much choice – whether arthouse rivals or blockbusters.  Just wait for a rainy day and enjoy.  

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