Notre Dame to Places des Vosges

The total walking time for this walk is approximately 6.5 hours. It can be done in one day, however I recommend splitting it into two days stopping for lunch in the Rue des Rosiers.

You will wander through the beautiful Ile Saint Louis, along the canal to the Bastille, though the bustling Richard Lenior produce market and then into the maze of the Marais. Exploring the Marias is like a step back in time - a time pre-Haussman architecture when Paris was a maze of narrow streets and alleyways. Visit the delightful fourteenth century Hotel de Sens and then a somber visit to the Memorial de la Shoa, a permanent exhibition on the Holocaust, from its roots to its full horrific expression, and the fate of French Jews during the Second World. This walk finishes at the beautiful Place des Vosges - the perfect spot for fine food and wine.BUY THE BOOK >

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