Place des Vosges to Les Jardin des Palais Royal

The total walking time for this walk is 7 hours, however I recommend splitting this walk into two or even three days if you have plenty of time, finishing Day One at one of the great bistros around the Marche les Enfants Rouge.

This market is the oldest in Paris dating back to 1615 and is home to several small restaurants which are perfect for tasty, uncomplicated meals of market fresh Italian, Japanese, Lebanese or Moroccan cuisine. Or picnic in the beautiful and serene Square du Temple. Day two takes you through the north Marais, a treasure trove, rewarding both purposeful exploration and serendipitous wandering. A small but slowly expanding Chinatown centres on the Rue au Maire, the pefect spot to break if you are doing this walk in three days. Historical highlights include the fabulous Musee Carnavalet, Archives Nationale and Eglise Saint Eustache.BUY THE BOOK >

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