Meet the Team

Brent Carswell

What started out as helping Ross to get his Paris notes into order, turned into a series of full on editorial sessions, with discussions as to how best to present these notes. Our studio in Chippendale was Ross' base for many months where, in-between lunches, we managed to pull together the first draft. Originally Ross' intention was to just have the notes as a personal memoir, but the more we worked on it the more we both agreed, why not publish it? Easier said than done and after a few false starts, including a couple of one-off prints and some digital versions, we decided that at some point we would produce a full blown print version along with a digital copy.

Fortunately I had the opportunity to return to Paris in the middle of our work and took the opportunity to shoot a series of images while walking the walks. These images along with another series shot on a subsequent visit in 2016 complete the circle and accompany the final version of the text. Even with all the enthusiasm in the world, we were never going to publish a professional book on our own so to have Jaqui offer to edit the book was absolutely marvellous. With Caroline and Sue driving the process I believe we are going to produce a book worthy of Ross' love of Paris.

Fingers crossed. Brent