Meet the Team

Caroline Turnbull

Caroline’s life journey to this point has the constant theme of compassion, loving kindness and an overwhelming desire to help those less fortunate.

This is not to say that her meeting with Ross was because he required any of the above, quite the opposite, he was rich and fortunate in ways that most people never get the opportunity to experience.

Arriving into the “Ross Sphere” was always an interesting and rewarding experience, and their meeting was perhaps one of the few times in her life where Caroline became the receiver of joy rather than the giver.

Now working at Qantas managing teams worldwide, Caroline was lucky enough to work early on with optical medical teams volunteering their time working in third world developing countries such as Zimbabwe, Thailand, India and Timor.

It was this work that led hers and Ross’ paths to cross, feeding the homeless in the Domain in Sydney.

Ross’ journey to this point had been vastly different to Caroline’s, he coming from the “top end of town” where compassion and care were in short supply. But their stars aligned in the Domain and Ross quickly fell into “Caroline’s Sphere” and they became inseparable.

Paris became a joint love of theirs, and it is through Caroline’s love for Ross that the energy to push ahead with Ross’ Walks Around Central Paris derives. Compiling the text, maps and images has been hard work for all involved, but it has also a provided opportunities to have lots of fun discovering the Paris that Ross knew and loved so well.

This book will be Caroline’s loving legacy to her “Pal” Ross.