Meet the Team

Sue Carswell

I am an unabashed Parisphile, so when I met Ross through our good friend John Parkin, I was delighted to learn that my crazy, passionate love of all things Parisian was matched only by Ross’s.

Caroline’s memory of the first day she met me was that I spent most of the lunch huddled over a map of Paris with Ross, discussing which cobblestone alley to take, which bistro was the most divine and where the secret little gardens were.

Prior to one of my many trips to Paris, I was honoured to be given Ross’s highly sought after map of Paris (a small book annotated with his hand written suggestions on every page) – I have fiercely guarded it ever since.

When this project was embarked upon, I realised I could utilise my knowledge of the streets of Central Paris (indeed having walked a couple of the walks already with Brent) so I offered Caroline my fact checking skills.

After a long and often pressure laden day at my other job, the perfect antidote was to lose myself once more in Paris (albeit remotely, thanks to Ms Google Maps) with Caroline at my side this time.

Can’t wait for the next experience when we all visit Paris to test the walks later this year. Vive La France!